MiLocks TKK-02P Bedroom Polished Brass Lock

3.5 by user reviews

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  • Made with an electronic lock, boasting extra security by temporarily locking down after a set amount of wrong combinations
  • Adjustable latch fits all standard door constructions
  • Auto-lock feature offers enhanced safety when shutting the door behind you
  • Made with an electronic key and keypad mechanism, causing the possibility for system malfunctions
  • Electronic lock makes it possible to forget the code
Product Description

Use the MiLocks Polished Brass Lock to protect your home or office. Available in polished brass, this bedroom is rust resistant saving you money on expensive corrosion treatments. Fitting for bedrooms, it will allow for more privacy. It features a right-handed design, meaning the lock is installed upright fitting the majority of the population. It is easy-to-program, is built with an adjustable latch, and has an auto-lock feature, which offers enhanced safety when shutting the door behind you. This bedroom is suitable for use with cupboards, is great for interior doors, and has an electronic keypad and key.

Product Information
Brand MiLocks
Lock Type Electronic lock
Convenience Features Easy to program, adjustable latch, auto-lock
Left or Right Handed Right
Door Type Suitability Cupboards
Room Suitability bedroom
Location Suitability Interior doors
Number of Access Codes Six
Number of Buttons 12
Operating Mechanism Electronic keypad and key
Included Accessories Mounting hardware
Number of Keys Included Two
Weight 2.75 pounds