MiLocks XKL-02P Brass Polished Brass Lock

3.1 by user reviews

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  • Made with an electronic lock, boasting extra security by temporarily locking down after a fixed amount of wrong combinations
  • Easy-to-install design for quick set up and assembly
  • Brass build is extremely resistant to moisture, improving its durability
  • Built with an electronic lock, making it possible for the code to be hacked
  • Equipped for domestic use, making it not strong enough for heavy traffic flow
Product Description

Choose the MiLocks Brass Polished Brass Lock to ensure that your home and property are secure. Featuring an easily programmable design, this MiLocks lock will provide a quicker and easier method to change your passcode. It features an easy-to-install design, saving you time and energy during the setup process. This MiLocks door lock has a brass build, making it highly resistant to moisture, increasing its strength for a longer service life. It has a remote control and keypad and is built for domestic use.

Product Information
Brand MiLocks
Lock Type Electronic lock
Convenience Features Easy to install, easy to program
Lock Use Suitability Domestic
Location Suitability Interior doors
Lock Body Material Brass
Weight 3.51 pounds