Samsung SHS-H635 Lever Lockset Lock

4.5 by user reviews

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  • Anti-bump build is guaranteed to keep your loved ones secure from unwanted intruders
  • Anti-tamper build makes it stronger, increasing its longevity
  • Equipped with a mortise lockset to be constructed in the door, making it difficult to pick or break the lock
  • Made with a keypad mechanism, causing the possibility for system glitches
  • Equipped with a mortise lockset, making it harder to replace
  • Domestic suitability makes it not durable enough for heavy traffic flow
Product Description

For superior safety and protection, choose the Samsung Lock. This mortised Samsung lock is fitted into the door itself, ensuring that the door can be locked from both the inside and the outside. Suitable for left and right-handed people, this Samsung lock allows the hinges and lever on the door to be adjusted by anyone. With an easy-to-use design, it allows for effortless entries and exits. Featuring an auto-lock function, it includes a convenient method of keeping your door locked, whether your hands are full or you're in a rush. It has an anti-bump construction, making it strong and reliable by protecting the door from break-ins through preventing the pins and tumbler from moving. This Samsung lock has an anti-tamper build, increasing its longevity by making it more durable. Built with a keypad, it gives you the choice of keyless entry, but also includes a key as a backup. It is suitable for use in domestic locations, so it will not be strong enough for heavy traffic flow.

Product Information
Brand Samsung
Lock Installation Type Mortised
Convenience Features Easy to use
Left or Right Handed Left and right
Lock Use Suitability Domestic
Location Suitability Interior and exterior doors
Operating Mechanism Keypad
Protection Features Anti-bump, anti-tamper
Included Accessories A user manual
Lever Lockset Yes
Weight 7.75 pounds