Defiant 1001825629 Entry Metal Satin Nickel Lock

3.4 by user reviews

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  • Equipped with a deadbolt, providing additional protection by being extra strong
  • Auto-lock feature is a perfect choice for homeowners as it provides a fast and convenient way to lock the door behind you
  • Metal construction is an immensely tough material that isn't easily damaged
  • Equipped with an electronic key and keypad mechanism, making it prone to hacking
  • Deadbolt lock needs to be manually locked
Product Description

The Defiant Metal Satin Nickel Lock is a practical addition to your office or home security. With 10 access codes, this deadbolt allows you to forget a code, without being locked out. This deadbolt lock is extra strong and durable, making it more resistant to break-ins. It has a metal construction, which has a higher threshold for wear and tear. Using an electronic keypad and key mechanism, this deadbolt gives you the choice of keyless entry, but also comes with a key as a backup. With an auto-lock function, it provides enhanced safety when shutting the door behind you. It is designed for use in entryways.

Product Information
Brand Defiant
Lock Type Deadbolt
Lock Rating Grade 3 ANSI/BHMA
Convenience Features Auto-lock
Lock Body Material Metal
Lockset Function Entry
Number of Access Codes 10
Number of Buttons 10
Operating Mechanism Electronic keypad and key
Number of Keys Included Two
Door Thickness Suitability 1-3/8-2 inches
Weight 2.38 pounds