Marks 9215AC/3-W LH Brass Polished Brass Door Lock

3.6 by user reviews

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  • Sashlocks are durable and hard to break through
  • Features a keyed alike design, allowing you to buy several locks that use the same key
  • Brass construction has an extra layer of durability, making it stronger and highly resistant to corrosion
  • Key and thumbturn renders the key inoperable if the thumbturn is not properly aligned
  • Equipped with a mortise lock, requiring a specific installation method done by a locksmith
  • Features a cylindrical locking mechanism, allowing it to be forced opened using lock picks
Product Description

Use the Marks Brass Polished Brass Lock to keep your office or home protected. Suitable for left-handed people, this sashlock means the lock is installed upright fitting the minority of the population. This mortised sashlock is installed into the door itself, making it difficult to pick or break the lock. It has a sashlock lock, providing extra security having a similar design to a mortise lock. It is more durable, hence more difficult to break through. Featuring a brass construction, it is extremely moisture resistant, improving its strength for a longer service life. This sashlock is keyed alike, allowing you to buy several locks that all use the same key. It is great for exterior doors and features a key and thumbturn and a cylindrical locking mechanism.

Product Information
Brand Marks
Lock Type Sashlock
Lock Installation Type Mortised
Left or Right Handed Left
Location Suitability Exterior doors
Lock Body Material Brass
Operating Mechanism Key and thumbturn
Number of Pins 5
Number of Keys Included Two
Keyed Alike Yes
Door Thickness Suitability 1 inches
Backset 2-1/2 inches