Weiser GED1460X 3BR SMT MS RLR2 Deadbolt Lock

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  • Equipped with a deadbolt, providing the best protection against common break-in methods
  • SmartKey® technology lets you re-key your lock within seconds
  • Adjustable latch delivers exceptional comfort by letting you adjust the length of the latch
  • Made with a key and keypad mechanism, causing it to be susceptible to hacking
  • Deadbolt lock needs to be manually locked
  • Domestic suitability makes it not durable enough for heavy traffic flow
Product Description

The Weiser Deadbolt Lock is an efficient addition to your office or home security. Equipped with a deadbolt, this Weiser lock is very durable, preventing forced entry. Constructed with a SmartKey® design, it enables homeowners to re-key a lock quickly and conveniently. Built with an adjustable latch, it is suitable for use with different backset dimensions to ensure convenient installation. It has a key and keypad and is made for domestic use.

Product Information
Brand Weiser
Lock Type Deadbolt
Convenience Features Adjustable latch
Lock Use Suitability Domestic
Number of Buttons Six
Operating Mechanism Key and keypad
Protection Features SmartKey®
Number of Keys Included Two
Backset 2-3/8 inches
Weight 2.7 pounds