Honeywell 8632301 Brass Satin Chrome Lock

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  • Made with an electronic lock, not requiring the expertise of a locksmith or any special tools to install
  • Adjustable latch will fit into most lock sockets and door frames
  • Illuminated keypad will make it easier to view the dialpad even in dark conditions
  • Thumbturn renders a key inoperable if the thumbturn is not correctly aligned
  • Electronic lock can be effected by electrical issues
  • Installed as a bored lock, offering limited lever design options
Product Description

The Honeywell Brass Satin Chrome Lock is an efficient addition to your office or home security system. This lock features a right-handed design, which means the lock is installed upright fitting a majority of the population. It has bored holes, which offers easier set up than other lock types, simply requiring one tool for installation. Featuring a brass construction, it does not rust so that you do not need to worry about expensive corrosion treatments. With an adjustable backset, it will make it very simple to change the distance so that different locks can be easily installed. This domestic lock has an adjustable latch, which is a good fit for most common doors. Designed with an illuminated keypad, it will provide ideal dialpad usability allowing you to see it in the dark. It comes with two keys and screws, mounting hardware, and a template. This Honeywell door lock is made with an electronic keypad and thumbturn and is built for domestic use.

Product Information
Brand Honeywell
Lock Type Electronic lock
Lock Installation Type Bored
Lock Rating Grade 3 ANSI
Convenience Features Adjustable latch, illuminated keypad, adjustable backset, easy to re-key
Left or Right Handed Right
Lock Use Suitability Domestic
Lock Body Material Brass
Number of Buttons 12
Operating Mechanism Thumbturn
Included Accessories Screws, mounting hardware, a template
Number of Keys Included Two
Backset 2-3/8-2-3/4 inches
Weight 4.33 pounds