Lockey 1150MG Steel and Zinc Satin Lock

5.0 by user reviews

An image of Lockey 1150MG Steel and Zinc Satin Lock | Door Lock Guide
  • Features a heavy-duty design, making it very strong and durable
  • Adjustable latch delivers exceptional comfort by allowing you to adjust the length of the latch
  • Steel and zinc build is sturdy for additional safety
  • Built with a mechanical lock, making it possible for the key to be copied by an unwanted party
Product Description

The Lockey Steel and Zinc Satin Lock is a practical and convenient choice to install in your home or workplace. This lock is suitable for right-handed people, denoting that the hinges are on the right and the handle is on the left. It is mechanical, making it possible to be locked out when the key is lost. It is easy-to-program and is designed with an adjustable latch, fitting on pre-existing backsets for quick lock replacement. Constructed from steel and zinc, it is sturdy for additional safety. This door lock comes with a heavy-duty construction, meaning it is built from the highest quality ensuring extra durability and toughness.

Product Information
Brand Lockey
Lock Type Mechanical lock
Convenience Features Adjustable latch, easy to program
Durability Features Heavy duty
Left or Right Handed Right
Lock Body Material Steel/zinc
Number of Buttons 14
Weight 1.5 pounds