Pamex FDSP1 Brass Satin Nickel Lock

2.9 by user reviews

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  • Equipped with a deadbolt, making it extra strong and durable and more resistant to break-in methods
  • Adjustable backset makes it simple to change the distance so different locks can be easily installed
  • Features a single locking mechanism, making it suitable to use on interior facing doors
  • Key and thumbturn mechanism allows burglars to more easily enter to your property
  • Deadbolt lock needs to be manually locked
  • Installed as a bored lock, making it more susceptible to breaking
Product Description

The Pamex Brass Satin Nickel Lock is a convenient and practical choice to install in your office or home. This single bolt thumbturn lock is great for quick locking and unlocking using a thumbturn on the inside of the door. This deadbolt has bored holes, which provides easier set up than other lock types, simply requiring a drill for installation. It has a deadbolt lock, providing the best protection against common break-in methods. Designed with an adjustable backset, it will make it simple to change the distance so that new locks can be easily installed. Featuring a brass build, it is highly moisture resistant, increasing its durability for a longer service life. It features a cylinder lock and has a key and thumbturn.

Product Information
Brand Pamex
Lock Type Deadbolt
Lock Installation Type Bored
Lock Rating Grade 3
Bolt Locking Mechanism Single
Convenience Features Adjustable backset
Lock Body Material Brass
Operating Mechanism Key and thumbturn
Number of Pins 5