Simplex LLP1020M26D Satin Chrome Lock

3.4 by user reviews

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  • Built with a vandal-resistant design, providing unparalleled strength and durability
  • Weather-resistant design is strong enough to withstand exposure to chemicals
  • Metal build is an extremely tough material that isn't easily damaged
  • Uses a keypad to operate, causing the possibility for system glitches
  • Made with a mechanical lock, making it feasible for the key to be copied by an unwanted party
  • Installed using a surface system, making it less aesthetically pleasing
Product Description

Making your home or workplace secure is simple with this Simplex Satin Chrome Lock. Suitable for those who are left-handed, this mechanical lock denotes that the hinges are on the left and the handle is on the right. This surface mechanical lock is placed on the door surface, requiring simple installation that you can do independently using your household tools. It has one access codes, ensuring increased safety and security. With a weather-resistant design, it will withstand moist environments. This lock is mechanical, making it feasible for the key to be copied by an unwanted party.

Using a keypad, this mechanical lock gives you the option of keyless entry, but can also be opened with a key as a backup. Built from metal, it withstands a higher threshold for tear and wear, ultimately prolonging its life. It is vandal resistant, preventing unauthorized people from breaking-in and entering through door. This mechanical lock is ideal for both commercial and domestic use.

Product Information
Brand Simplex
Lock Type Mechanical lock
Lock Installation Type Surface
Durability Features Weather-resistant
Left or Right Handed Left
Lock Use Suitability Commercial and domestic
Lock Body Material Metal
Number of Access Codes One
Operating Mechanism Keypad
Protection Features Vandal resistant
Weight 7.7 pounds