Baldwin 9BR3800-002 Brass Satin Nickel Lever Lockset Lock

2.9 by user reviews

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  • Made with a deadbolt, providing added protection by being extra strong
  • Single locking mechanism makes it easy and fast to lock and unlock any door using a thumbturn key
  • Brass build allows an extra layer of durability, making it stronger and extremely resistant to corrosion
  • Key and thumbturn allows burglars to more easily gain access to the premises
  • Built with a deadbolt, requiring you to drill holes in the door for installation
  • Domestic suitability makes it not durable enough for heavy traffic flow
Product Description

Care for your office and home by effortlessly installing the Baldwin Brass Satin Nickel Door Lock. This single bolt domestic lock is more convenient for kids to use since it has a thumbturn key on the inside of the door. This deadbolt door lock is very strong, preventing forced entry. Built from brass, this Baldwin lock is moisture and corrosion resistant, ensuring long-term durability. It is equipped for domestic use and it features a cylindrical locking mechanism and a key and thumbturn.

Product Information
Brand Baldwin
Lock Type Deadbolt
Bolt Locking Mechanism Single
Lock Use Suitability Domestic
Lock Body Material Brass
Operating Mechanism Key and thumbturn
Lever Lockset Yes
Weight 1.95 pounds