Master Lock DSCHSD32D Brushed Chrome Lock

3.1 by user reviews

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  • Deadbolt lock is more resistant to opening without the right key
  • Anti-bump construction prevents the pins inside the lock from moving out of place, thus delivering enhanced security
  • Single locking mechanism makes it easy and fast to lock and unlock any door using a thumbturn key
  • Key and thumbturn mechanism renders the key inoperable if the thumbturn is not properly aligned
  • Deadbolt lock needs to be manually locked
  • Made for commercial use, requiring more expensive and special servicing
Product Description

The Master Lock Brushed Chrome Lock is a convenient and practical choice to install in your office or home. This deadbolt lock is extra durable and tough, making it highly resistant to break-ins. Built with a single lock mechanism, this lock provides more efficient unlocking and locking by using a thumbturn on the inside of the door. Featuring an anti-bump design, it ensures that the pins won't jump when the door gets whacked, resulting in extra security. It uses either a thumbturn or key to operate and is normally used in commercial spaces because of its strength and reliability.

Product Information
Brand Master Lock
Lock Type Deadbolt
Lock Rating Grade 2
Finish Brushed chrome
Bolt Locking Mechanism Single
Lock Use Suitability Commercial
Operating Mechanism Key and thumbturn
Protection Features Anti-bump
Backset 2-3/4 inches
Weight 1.4 pounds