Kwikset 94002-502 Entry Metal Satin Nickel Lever Lockset Lock

3.8 by user reviews

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  • Deadbolt lock is more resistant to opening without the correct key
  • Adjustable backset makes it easy to adjust the backset measurement of the lock
  • Features an adjustable latch, adding versatility by letting you change the placement of the latch
  • Key and turn-button mechanism causes the lock to get stuck occasionally
  • Equipped with a deadbolt, needing it to be locked manually
  • Made for domestic use, making it not durable enough for heavy traffic flow
Product Description

To ensure that only you can get access your home, install this Kwikset Metal Satin Nickel Lock. This deadbolt lock is extra durable and tough, making it more resistant to break-ins. Suitable for left and right-handed people, this deadbolt allows the hinges and lever on the door to be adjusted by anyone. Featuring an adjustable latch, it delivers exceptional versatility by letting the user adjust the placement of the latch. Built with an adjustable backset, it allows you to adjust the measurement of the backset which makes it simpler to replace a lock on the same door in the future. It is built of metal, making it an immensely tough material meaning it will last longer. This entry lock is equipped for domestic use and features a key and turn-button.

Product Information
Brand Kwikset
Lock Type Deadbolt
Lock Rating Grade 3 ANSI/BHMA
Convenience Features Adjustable backset, adjustable latch
Left or Right Handed Left and right
Lock Use Suitability Domestic
Location Suitability Exterior doors
Lock Body Material Metal
Lockset Function Entry
Operating Mechanism Key and turn-button
Included Accessories Screws
Lever Lockset Yes