Kwikset 96600-480 Nickel Lock

3.3 by user reviews

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  • Deadbolt lock is more resistant to opening without the correct key
  • Adjustable backset makes it simple to change the distance so that different locks can be easily installed
  • Features an adjustable latch, fitting on pre-existing backsets for easy lock replacement
  • Uses either a key or thumbturn to operate, leaving a key inoperable if the thumbturn is not correctly aligned
  • Built with a deadbolt, requiring it to be locked manually
  • Features a cylindrical locking mechanism, allowing it to be forced opened using lock picks
Product Description

Choose the Kwikset Nickel Lock to protect your home or office. This deadbolt door lock is extra durable and tough, making it more resistant to break-ins. This lock features an adjustable backset and is designed with an adjustable latch, fitting on pre-existing backsets for easy lock replacement. It has a nickel finish, which provides both excellent strength and aesthetic beauty. Featuring a single locking mechanism, it is suitable to use on interior facing doors, allowing you to lock the door quickly behind you using a thumbturn key. It has a key and thumbturn and is excellent for exterior doors.

Product Information
Brand Kwikset
Lock Type Deadbolt
Lock Rating Grade 3 ANSI/BHMA
Finish Nickel
Bolt Locking Mechanism Single
Convenience Features Adjustable backset, adjustable latch
Location Suitability Exterior doors
Operating Mechanism Key and thumbturn