Kwikset 780LO3RCALRCSK3BX Polished Lock

4.0 by user reviews

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  • Built with a deadbolt, making it extra strong and durable and more resistant to break-in methods
  • Adjustable latch delivers superior versatility by allowing the user to adjust the length of the latch
  • Single locking mechanism is suitable for use on interior doors
  • Key and thumbturn allows intruders to more easily gain access to your property
  • Deadbolt lock needs you to drill holes in your door for installation
  • Installed as a bored lockset, offering limited lever design choices
Product Description

Use the Kwikset Polished Lock to protect your home or office. This door lock is suitable for left and right-handed people, allowing the hinges and lever on the door to be adjusted for a comfortable fit for everyone. Equipped with a deadbolt, it provides the ultimate protection against popular break-in methods. It features a single locking design, making it simple and quick to lock and unlock any door using a thumbturn on the inside of the door. This bored lock lets any household owner easily and quickly change the lock using everyday tools. Featuring an adjustable latch, this lock is suitable to use with different backset measurements to ensure convenient installation. It has a key and thumbturn.

Product Information
Brand Kwikset
Lock Type Deadbolt
Lock Installation Type Bored
Finish Polished
Bolt Locking Mechanism Single
Convenience Features Adjustable latch
Left or Right Handed Left and right
Operating Mechanism Key and thumbturn
Weight 2.5 pounds