BRINKS 2111-109 Bedroom Privacy Brass Lock

2.8 by user reviews

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  • Equipped with a cylindrical lock, making it ideal for many types of constructions
  • Adjustable latch delivers exceptional versatility by letting you change the placement of the latch
  • Features an easy-to-install design, saving you time and energy during the setup process
  • Made with a cylindrical lock, making it more susceptible to snapping if enough force is exerted
  • Installed as a bored lock, making it more vulnerable to breaking
  • Equipped with a privacy lockset function, making it not compatible for exterior doors
Product Description

Use the BRINKS Brass Lock to keep your office or home protected. This door lock is built with an adjustable latch and features an easy-to-install design, taking up very little time when setting up. It has a cylindrical lock, making it easy to re-key, install, and replace. Fitting for bedrooms, it can be unlocked from both sides in case of an emergency. Featuring a metal build, it will extend its longevity since it provides durable construction. This bored lock lets any layperson easily and quickly install the lock using common tools. It is built for bedrooms and bathrooms, rendering it only compatible for indoor doors.

Product Information
Lock Type Cylindrical lock
Lock Installation Type Bored
Convenience Features Adjustable latch, easy to install
Room Suitability bedroom
Lock Body Material Metal
Lockset Function Privacy
Door Thickness Suitability 1-3/8-1-3/4 inches
Backset 2-3/8-2-3/4 inches
Weight 1.06 pounds