BRINKS 23072-150 Entry Tuscan Bronze Lever Lockset Lock

3.4 by user reviews

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  • Deadbolt lock is more resistant to entry without the correct key
  • Anti-bump build ensures that the pins will stay in their intended place and counters break-ins
  • Anti-drill build guarantees that the internal mechanisms won't snap
  • Built with a push pull rotate mechanism, making it only compatible with in-swinging doors
  • Made with a deadbolt, making it easy to get locked out by forgetting your keys
  • Installed as a bored lockset, making it more vulnerable to breaking
Product Description

Enhance your entrance with the BRINKS Tuscan Bronze Lock. This deadbolt has bored holes, which is easier and faster to install when compared to other types of locks. Featuring a deadbolt lock, it is very strong, preventing forced entry. It is constructed with an anti-pick design, guaranteeing to provide extra protection by preventing the pins inside the lock from moving. With an anti-bump construction, it is guaranteed to keep your valuables secure from unwelcome intruders. This BRINKS lock has an easy-to-use design, so you can open the door even when your hands are full by using your hip or elbow. It features a push pull rotate and is suitable for use in your home.

Product Information
Lock Type Deadbolt
Lock Installation Type Bored
Finish Tuscan bronze
Convenience Features Easy to use
Lock Use Suitability Domestic
Lockset Function Entry
Operating Mechanism Push pull rotate
Protection Features Anti-bump, anti-drill, anti-pick, anti-pry shield
Included Accessories Screws
Lever Lockset Yes
Weight 5.64 pounds