BRINKS 23025-119 Bathroom Privacy Satin Nickel Lever Lockset Lock

3.3 by user reviews

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  • Installed as a bored lock for quick and simple set up
  • Uses a push pull rotate to operate, making it only compatible with in-swinging doors
  • Installed as a bored lock, making it more vulnerable to breaking
  • Equipped with a privacy lockset function, making it only suitable for interior doors
Product Description

The BRINKS Satin Nickel Lock is an efficient addition to your office or home security. This lock features an easy-to-use design, generally ensuring the knobs or levers to be opened in 3 ways by pushing, pulling, or rotating. Available in satin nickel, it resists corrosion making it durable and long-lasting. It works for a bathrooms, providing increased privacy. Featuring a lever locking system, it is more convenient, as you can easily pull down the lever when your hands are full. This bored lock lets any layperson easily and quickly change the lock using everyday tools. It is built for domestic use and has a push pull rotate.

Product Information
Lock Installation Type Bored
Convenience Features Easy to use
Lock Use Suitability Domestic
Room Suitability bathroom
Lockset Function Privacy
Operating Mechanism Push pull rotate
Included Accessories Screws
Lever Lockset Yes
Weight 1.98 pounds