Schlage FE595 CAM 609 GEO Entry Brass Lock

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  • Built with an electronic lock, not requiring the expertise of a locksmith or any special tools to install
  • Constructed with a kick-in resistant design, ensuring to keep your loved ones well protected from intruders
  • Permits key override for a convenient and easy password change
  • Equipped with an electronic lock, allowing you the possibility of forgetting the code
  • Made for commercial use, requiring specific hardware
Product Description

Protect your office with this Schlage Lock Company Metal Brass Lock. This commercial lock is kick-in resistant, making it strong and reliable by protecting the door from break-ins through preventing the pins and tumbler from moving. With 19 access codes, it allows you to forget a code, without being locked out. It has metal construction, making it extremely lightweight, durable, and strong. Featuring a function to override keys, it gives immediate entry in the event of an emergency. This entry lock is suitable for use in commercial locations and has an electronic keypad and key.

Product Information
Brand Schlage Lock Company
Lock Type Electronic lock
Lock Rating Grade 2 ANSI
Code Lock Alternative Key override function
Security Level Maximum
Lock Use Suitability Commercial
Lock Body Material Metal
Lockset Function Entry
Number of Access Codes 19
Number of Buttons 10
Operating Mechanism Keypad and thumbturn
Protection Features Kick-in resistant
Included Accessories Mounting hardware
Number of Keys Included Two
Code Length Six
Door Thickness Suitability 1-3/8-1-3/4 inches
Weight 1.5 pounds