Schlage FE575 PLY Entry Aged Bronze Lever Lockset Lock

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  • Electronic lock boasts an additional layer of security by temporarily locking down after a set amount of wrong combinations
  • Installed using a bored design for easy and fast set up
  • Comes with 19 access codes, ensuring increased safety and security
  • Made with an electronic key and keypad mechanism, causing it to be prone to hacking
  • Built with an electronic lock, allowing you the possibility of forgetting the code
  • Installed as a bored lockset, offering limited lever design choices
Product Description

Enhance your front door by using the Schlage Lock Company Aged Bronze Lock. This entry lock has bored holes, which is easier and faster to install when compared to other lock types. Constructed with 19 access codes, it gives the option to grant temporary permission to people who require it. It has an aged bronze finish, making it more dependable and durable after years of chemical corrosion-causing build-up. With an electronic keypad and key mechanism, it gives you the choice of keyless entry, but can also be unlocked with a key as a backup. This entry lock is suitable for entryways.

Product Information
Brand Schlage Lock Company
Lock Type Electronic lock
Lock Installation Type Bored
Finish Aged bronze
Lockset Function Entry
Number of Access Codes 19
Number of Buttons 10
Operating Mechanism Electronic keypad and key
Lever Lockset Yes
Code Length Six
Code Combinations 10000
Weight 4.25 pounds