Schlage FE595 PLY 505 PLY Entry Brass Lock

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  • Made with an electronic lock, not requiring the expertise of a locksmith or any special tools to install
  • Built with a kick-in resistant design, ensuring that the pins will stay in their original place and prevent break-ins
  • Single locking mechanism is suitable to use on interior doors
  • Made with a key and keypad mechanism, causing the possibility for system bugs
  • Built with an electronic lock, causing the lock to be damaged by electrical issues
  • Installed as a bored lockset, offering limited lever design options
Product Description

To ensure that only you can enter your house, install this Schlage Lock Company Metal Brass Lock. This entry lock is kick-in resistant, ensuring that the pins will stay in their original place and prevent potential break-ins. Designed with a single locking mechanism, it is easier for kids to use since it has a thumbturn key on the inside of the door. Featuring 19 access codes, it delivers extra security by having more than one passcode. It is constructed from metal, making it extremely strong, durable, and lightweight. This bored domestic lock lets any layperson easily and quickly install the lock using everyday tools. This entry lock is built for domestic use and has an electronic keypad and key.

Product Information
Brand Schlage Lock Company
Lock Type Electronic lock
Lock Installation Type Bored
Bolt Locking Mechanism Single
Lock Use Suitability Domestic
Lock Body Material Metal
Lockset Function Entry
Number of Access Codes 19
Operating Mechanism Key and keypad
Protection Features Kick-in resistant
Included Accessories One 9V battery
Number of Keys Included Two
Door Thickness Suitability 1-3/8-1-3/4 inches
Code Combinations 10000
Weight 1.5 pounds