Schlage F80AND605 Storeroom Polished Brass Lock

3.6 by user reviews

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  • Deadbolt lock is more resistant to opening without the correct key
  • Installed as a bored lock for fast and easy set up
  • Deadbolt lock requires you to drill holes in your door for installation
  • Installed as a bored lock, making it more vulnerable to picking
  • Built with a storeroom locket function, making it very easy to get locked out
Product Description

Achieve total protection and privacy by using the Schlage Lock Company Polished Brass Lock. This lock has bored holes, offering a relatively quick and easy installation process. It has a deadbolt lock, providing the utmost protection against common break-in methods. Especially built for storerooms, it will ensure that only those with authorized access can unlock the door. It features a polished brass finish, which is rust resistant, ensuring long-term durability. This lock is ideal for interior doors and is suitable for storage closets.

Product Information
Brand Schlage Lock Company
Lock Type Deadbolt
Lock Installation Type Bored
Finish Polished brass
Location Suitability Interior doors
Lockset Function Storeroom
Operating Mechanism Key
Weight 1.5 pounds