Sargent 28-11U65-OL-26D Privacy Satin Chrome Lock

3.1 by user reviews

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  • Made with a cylindrical lock, making it easy to replace, install, and re-key
  • Installed as a bored lock for quick and simple set up
  • Button and emergency release mechanism is not ideal in emergencies
  • Equipped with a cylindrical lock, making it more susceptible to breaking if enough force is exerted
  • Installed as a bored lockset, deteriorating with heavy use
Product Description

Choose the Sargent Satin Chrome Lock to ensure that your property and home are secure. This cylindrical door lock is easy to re-key, install, and replace. This bored lock can be easily replaced and installed with everyday tools by drilling two holes into the door. Designed from satin chrome, this lock can tolerate exposure to solvents and acids. It is perfect for rooms requiring privacy for installation in bedrooms and bathrooms. This lock is excellent for rooms requiring privacy and uses either an emergency release or button to operate.

Product Information
Brand Sargent
Lock Type Cylindrical lock
Lock Installation Type Bored
Lock Rating Grade 1
Finish Satin chrome
Lockset Function Privacy
Operating Mechanism Button and emergency release
Backset 2-3/4 inches