Sargent 8205 LNL 26D Plastic Satin Chrome Lever Lockset Door Lock

3.8 by user reviews

An image of Sargent 8205 LNL 26D Plastic Satin Chrome Lever Lockset Door Lock | Door Lock Guide
  • Sashlocks are highly durable and hard to break through
  • Plastic build is light so that you don't have trouble opening your doors
  • Equipped with a mortise lock, utilizing the inside edge of the door for installation so it can't be removed
  • Equipped with a mortise lockset, making it only compatible with thicker doors
  • Commercial suitability needs specific hardware
Product Description

Use the Sargent Plastic Satin Chrome Lock to keep your office or home safe. This sashlock lock provides extra security and has a similar design to a mortise lock, though it is more durable and hard to break through. This sashlock is equipped with a mortise lock, providing a complex built-in infrastructure which can be adapted to a range of sizes. Made from plastic, it is tough so that your doors can stay even more secure. It features an easy-to-use design, generally ensuring the knobs or levers to be opened in 3 ways by pushing, pulling, or rotating. This sashlock is widely used in commercial spaces because of its strength and reliability.

Product Information
Brand Sargent
Lock Type Sashlock
Lock Installation Type Mortised
Convenience Features Easy to use
Lock Use Suitability Commercial
Location Suitability Interior and exterior doors
Lock Body Material Plastic
Lever Lockset Yes
Length 9.25 inches
Weight 6 pounds