Grandeur FAV-60-LB-KD House Brass Door Lock

3.2 by user reviews

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  • Built with a deadbolt, providing enhanced protection by being extra strong
  • Features a single locking mechanism, making it suitable to use on interior doors
  • Installed as a bored lockset for fast and easy set up
  • Made with a thumbturn mechanism, making it easier for intruders to enter your property
  • Equipped with a deadbolt, requiring it to be locked manually
  • Installed as a bored lockset, making it more vulnerable to breaking
Product Description

The Grandeur Brass Lock is designed to keep your valuables protected and secure. This single bolt house provides faster locking and unlocking by using a thumbturn on the inside of the door. This bored lock lets any household owner easily and quickly install the lock using common tools. This lock works for homes, giving security for your property. Featuring a deadbolt lock, it provides the highest protection against common break-in methods, such as lock bumping and lock picking. It is available in brass, making it able to withstand intense environments. It is keyed differently, meaning that each lock has its own key, which is safer than locks that are keyed alike. This domestic lock uses a thumbturn to operate, features a cylinder lock, and is designed for use in domestic areas.

Product Information
Brand Grandeur
Lock Type Deadbolt
Lock Installation Type Bored
Bolt Locking Mechanism Single
Lock Use Suitability Domestic
Room Suitability house
Operating Mechanism Thumbturn
Keyed Differently Yes
Door Thickness Suitability 1-3/4-2-3/4 inches
Backset 2-3/8 inches
Weight 2.05 pounds